Superchunk and Laura’s Wristbands

Video for Hyper Enough.


Ok, here’s a question.  Every time I’ve seen Laura play, she is wearing a sweatband on her wrist.  There is a debate about this in my house.  My bass-playing significant other thinks it’s so she doesn’t bruise her wrist when she’s jumping around.  Me?  As someone who “glistens” herself from time to time, I’m assuming Laura has sweaty hands or arms.  Opinions?


3 Comments to “Superchunk and Laura’s Wristbands”

  1. I can give you my opinion: I wear the wristband to keep from chafing the skin on my wrist. Before I discovered the wristband I always had a raw, scraped up mess of a forearm. I guess that while I jump around I use my arm to stabilize the bass, and it sometimes rubs the skin off. The wristband eliminates this problem. Some people seem to embrace this pain/ wear the wound proudly. I do not.
    Have you seen the wristbands on Janet Weiss, the drummer for Wild Flag ( She wears some seriously huge wristbands. I think it makes her look like a superhero.

    • I guess that’s my answer then! Thank you so much for the comment. I hadn’t paid much attention to Janet Weiss’s wristbands before, but I had noticed she rigs up a little fan or something on stage that blows her hair off her face while she plays – also very much the superhero look.

  2. Sorry to interrupt, but Janet Weiss is a superheroine indeed!

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