Women Who Play The Fender Jaguar

I just bought a Fender Jaguar, so here is your Friday quiz question. Help me out. What female guitarists play a Jaguar?

I can only think of two right now: Bilinda Butcher of My Bloody Valentine and Kazu Makino of Blonde Redhead. There must be lots of others I’m not thinking of.


9 Comments to “Women Who Play The Fender Jaguar”

  1. Emily Kokal of Warpaint plays a Fender Jaguar.

  2. St. Vicent plays a Jaguar and Im sure i saw PJ Harvey with a jaguar somewhere, but i cant find it again.

    • Cool. I think I’ve seen St. Vincent with a Les Paul, but I didn’t know she had a Jag too. I just looked it up again, and it looks like she plays it a lot.

      • St. Vincent is all about the Silvertones and Harmony Bobkats these days (both of which boast some sexy offset curves), though I, too, could’ve sworn I saw a picture of her playing a Jag at one point. There’s actually an excellent gearhead interview with her in Premier Guitar’s November issue where she talks about her choice in guitars. She’s fairly pragmatic about it–she loves the sustain on a Les Paul, but says that after about three songs, her back is starting to hurt because of the weight. The Silvertone 1488 and Harmony Bobkat are much, much lighter weight and she’s a big fan of their vibrato bars.

        I could relate, because I’ve switched from an Epi Les Paul to a Jag HH Special for similar reasons. The Jag is so much lighter and, because I’m a busty girl, the offset curve actually solves a logistical problem I’ve been having getting my guitar against my body at an ergonomic angle for both of my arms and wrists and without squelching the girls in an awkward way. Plus…it’s a Jaguar and I love, love, love the myriad sounds I can get out of it.

        Other artists…hmm, She Makes War used to play a Jaguar. And then there’s the girl who did this demo of the HH:

        Hers was one of the demos that influenced my decision to go for the HH. (I spent hours pouring through Jag and Mustang demos on youtube before I made up my mind.) Her other videos show that she’s quite the talented guitarist and all-around musician.

      • I’ll have to check out that St. Vincent interview. She’s a wonderful player. I’ve actually tried to interview her for the blog, but it hasn’t come about yet.

        Is that the blacktop HH in the video? My boyfriend just bought a classic player hh. So we now have two Jags in the house. I love those guitars.

      • That’s the Special. I looked at the Blacktops, because they’re cheaper, but they only have a normal pickup selector instead of the wonderful switches that make a Jaguar a Jaguar. (though, of course, some would argue against having the humbuckers, but whatever. I’m coming from a Les Paul here, I like the fat sound!!) I looked at a classic player, too, and should the money ever fall in my lap, I think I might want one of those, as well. That and a mustang and my gear acquisition syndrome might be sated for a good long time. 🙂

        I hope you can get St Vincent for an interview. She’s also got one in Guitar Player this month, as well. I’m partially perplexed and partially impressed that none of the guitar mags have put her on the cover. Impressed because it indicates that they’re taking her seriously enough not to try to do some kind of sexy or glamorous shoot that might undermine her skills and personality for their audience (who are probably used to the Guitar World style of women on the covers as guitar-holding props). I’m partially perplexed, though, because you’d think we’ve come far enough along that the gender of the cover group or performer is a nonissue.

  3. Also found Kim Gordon (from sonic youth) playing a cool red jag.

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