Documentary of Raging Slab On Youtube

robsparreboom has posted a documentary about Raging Slab on Youtube.  It’s in 6 parts.  If you’ve never heard of Raging Slab, and you like the Black Crowes or Monster Magnet, you have to see it.  The Black Crowes once opened for Raging Slab, and some argue that RS was a huge influence on The Black Crowes.  Why am I posting this on Guitareste?  The guitarist for Raging Slab was the amazing Elyse Steinman.  She was really good at slide, and she talks about learning to play in the documentary.  Look up pictures of the band too; Steinman played this out-of-control guitar shaped like the United States.  So bad ass.

Here’s Part I of the documentary.


2 Comments to “Documentary of Raging Slab On Youtube”

  1. Hi think a great rockin band especially since i used to be in love with mark middleton the guitar player !!!!!

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