Pfumvu Pa Ruzevha: Learning Some African Guitar

This is a song I am learning right now.  It is insane, but also very fun.  Enjoy!




4 Comments to “Pfumvu Pa Ruzevha: Learning Some African Guitar”

  1. Oh, fun! How do you pick so rapidly and get the notes to sound so short?

    • Well, I don’t really pick so rapidly or get the notes to sound so short. Instead I play it at about half speed with very little technique!!! 😉 It’s an interesting question though. It is two guitars, and a bass. I’m not sure exactly the guitarists’ technique, but the notes are fairly close together, similar to playing a scale. I imagine he’s using a palm mute to get some of the staccato sound. And then just playing very, very fast after much practice!

  2. Cool… yeah I was trying to figure it out by ear (playing very slowly) because this is way groovy. I don’t know how to palm mute. I can sometimes hear when it’s happening but the execution is a mystery to me. This is off topic but speaking of crazy picking I just saw the Sadies and they are amazing guitar players, if they are playing in your town you need to go!

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