Learning The Fretboard

So… I’m taking a “how to play lead” style class right now. And that means I’m doing what I imagine every guitarist dreads, but which they all have to do at some point — memorizing all the notes on the fretboard. Our teacher said to learn five frets at a time. I already have the E and A strings more or less memorized down to the fifth fret, and probably the seventh, from playing power chords. So I’m working on the D string this week. And I’ve been doing that by taking a piece of fret paper and writing out, over and over again, “D open, D sharp on the first fret, E second fret, F third fret, F sharp fourth, G fifth.” Sometimes I skip the sharps/flats. Unfortunately, aside from doing the exact same thing on my actual guitar fretboard, I’m pretty sure this is the best way to accomplish this task. I wonder how long it’s going to take to memorize the whole thing.



2 Comments to “Learning The Fretboard”

  1. Hey good for you! I just started doing this music theory workbook for guitar that’s basically a hundred pages of exercizes forcing you to memorize all the intervals and chord structures as they relate to the fretboard. I hope it’s useful! It’s a good way to still think about guitar when I can’t play very much because of a wrist problem…

  2. I think I have that workbook! The Hal Leonard one by Barrett Tagliarino? It’s really excellent. Although I got about the quarter of the way through it, and then stopped doing the exercises so I feel like I have to go back to the beginning and start over. 😦

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