Guitareste Holiday Countdown! Joan Jett Takes On Little Drummer Boy!

Merry Christmas Eve and Happy fifth day of Hanukkah!!!!


Honestly?  I’m feeling a little Bah-humbug.  My S.O. has a bad cold, my dog is unhappy about sleeping away from home, my guitar is several hundred miles away…  But I am going to shrug it off!  We are generally healthy, happy, and employed, so who cares if December is one of the more stressful, consumerist, and drunken months of the year, right?  Right?

You know what does not make me feel Bah Humbug?  Joan Jett.  In fact, listening to this tune makes me want to learn the Little Drummer Boy.  This video is just one of those stills of an album cover, but the song is worth it.  Enjoy.


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