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Guitareste features interviews, links to videos, and gear talk — all centered on women who play guitar.

There’s one woman behind this site. By day, I’m a veteran desk jockey in Chicago’s Loop.  By night, I’m a fledgling guitarist and blogger.  I’ve been a fan girl since my teens, avidly following such bands as Sonic Youth, Bikini Kill, Sleater-Kinney, and The Cramps.  I considered learning to play many times, but just got around to it a few years ago.  I learned from the ground up at the amazing Old Town School of Folk Music right here in Chicago.  I started with a rusty old acoustic, but now mostly mess around with electrics.  So far, I’ve got two Fenders:  a Strat and a Jaguar.

The website came about for a few reasons.  I started playing guitar late — in my early 30s, and when I started buying equipment I wanted to emulate the women rockers who I had looked up to as a teenager.  I also wanted to discover other women who played guitar, women I hadn’t previously heard of.  But I quickly realized two things… 1) Most of the “best guitarists of all time” lists do not include women.  2) Most articles about female guitarists do not ask technical questions or questions about equipment.  Not only that, but equipment sites like guitargeek.com only have profiles for a handful of women.  And an internet search for “female guitarists,” more often than not yields a list of the women who male guitarists think look hot with a guitar slung around their chest.  (I’m looking at you, Guitar World.)  So, I started this blog, focused both on highlighting women who play the guitar, and asking them questions on technique and gear.

You can find direct links to all of the interviews by clicking the “interviews” tab underneath the masthead.  You can visit any other part of the site by clicking on the categories to the right of the screen, or by scrolling down to the tag cloud and clicking on any tag that piques your interest.  I hope you enjoy reading the site as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it.

Guitareste has a Twitter feed here, and a Facebook fan page here.

And if  you have a comment or suggestion, please email me at guitareste at gmail dot com.

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