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December 4, 2011

Twelve Amazing Guitarists Who Didn’t End Up On Rolling Stone’s Stupid List


You may have heard that Rolling Stone released the issue with “the list.” I’m not positive how often they do this – if it’s every year, or every other year. But of course, there are two women on it this year. Interestingly enough, they had a few women on the panel of voters.

I never know what to think of Rolling Stone’s list. I do know that Rolling Stone, in general, seems to be behind the times on what is going on in music. They tend to feature artists after they are already extremely popular. They get scooped on most artists by magazines like Magnet or Venus — these indie mags do much better on up and comers. The list itself is subjective, and was created by a panel of guitarists.

And…I love most of the male guitarists who are on the list. Men like Lee Ranaldo, J. Mascis, Mike Campbell, and Tom Verlaine — I listen to their music on an almost daily basis. I love these guys and think they deserve recognition. But it’s interesting that someone like, say, Jack White makes it on there. He’s admittedly a great guitar player, but the list skipped women like Wanda Jackson, who White has held up as one of his influences.

I’m going to say more about these artists later, but since it’s topical now I thought I would just go ahead and throw some names up here. This list is not definitive, but it is a list of women guitarists who I think are spectacular.

1. Elizabeth Cotten — created the alternate picking style now called Cotten picking.
2. Chrissie Hynde of the Pretenders
3. Wanda Jackson
4. Joan Jett – who has been on the list before but didn’t make the cut this year
5. Nancy Wilson of Heart — who was on the panel of voters for Rolling Stone but didn’t make the list
6. Mary Timony of Helium and Wild Flag
7. Ruyter Suys of Nashville Pussy
8. Poison Ivy of The Cramps – Ivy’s style was simple, but she’s influenced countless numbers of guitarists and bands. Plus, she looked way better while playing than any of the guys on Rolling Stone’s list. Style’s gotta count for something…
9. Carrie Brownstein
10. Viv Albertine, formerly of The Slits
11. Kristin Hersh
12. Thalia Zedek

This list isn’t extensive, and it could have included any of the other women who have been on this blog. Rebecca Gates is excellent. So is Sarah Register. So are Marnie Stern and Alex White. Amy Klein! There are the female “shredders” like Orianthi and Jacqueline Mannering. Ani Difranco. Amy Ray and Emily Saliers. Joan Armatrading. Kaki King. PJ Harvey. Sister Rosetta Tharpe!  I could go on. I guess what I’m really trying to say about the Rolling Stone list in particular and lists like this in general is this. It’s the age of the internet. When I was a teenager, you still had to read magazines to find out information about music. Or at least zines. But now you just have to do a Google Search. So ignore Rolling Stone. Go find a woman you know who plays guitar and ask her something about her influences, or what she likes to play.

December 2, 2011

June Millington And Fanny

Feminist Music Geek pointed me to this excellent article about June Millington. I had never heard of her or Fanny before, so I obviously owe a debt. Check out the article, and watch this video of her band Fanny from the 70s.

November 25, 2011

Jen & Abby Video!

November 13, 2011

The Kitten Covers

In case you haven’t seen this, a group called Aymvisuals has taken famous album covers and redone them with kittens as the subjects.  My favorites are T. Rex and Let It Be.  That little John Lennon kitten has a freakish likeness to the original.  Check them all out at  All Songs Considered also did a write-up on the artist responsible for the covers, Alfra Martini.

October 19, 2011

St. Vincent Interview In Vancouver Sun

Ok, so I went on vacation during one of the worst two week periods possible in Chicago.  I managed to miss St. Vincent, Zola Jesus, and Wild Flag while I was gone.  But sometimes you just have to leave, you know?  Luckily for me, they are still all on tour in North America.  All three have released new albums.  And all three are doing interviews.  I haven’t been lucky enough to snag any of those interviews (yet!), but they are being published all the same.  There was an excellent one this week in the Vancouver Sun with St. Vincent.  Check it out.

October 18, 2011

Jessica Hopper Reviews And Carrie Brownstein Interview

Today is a good day for info on women who wield axes.  There’s an interesting interview with Carrie Brownstein here at  And Jessica Hopper has recent reviews of Zola Jesus, Kimya Dawson, and Wild Flag on Spin’s online site here.

September 6, 2011

Wild Flag Debut Album And Romance Video


NPR is streaming Wild Flag’s first album, which is due out next week.  And the women of Wild Flag have released a video for Romance. I don’t want to be too much of a spoiler, but the video includes skipping out of work, puppies, and a giant bucket of coffee. What could be better, really? Check it out.

Wild Flag – Romance from Merge Records on Vimeo.

August 1, 2011

Old But Awesome Podcast: Thao On KEXP

Photo via Flickr by weeklydig

I recently downloaded a ton of old podcasts that I had missed from the KEXP Live Performances Podcast.  If you’ve never heard this podcast, go subscribe now!  It’s an invaluable source for new music.  And even if you listen to it regularly, go back and review the one I’m about to mention.  It’s a podcast from way back in 2008.  It’s with Thao Nguyen.  She’s performing with her band, The Get Down Stay Down.  (Here’s the link for more info about the podcast, but you can also just download it in iTunes.)  And in the podcast, she talks about her songwriting process, about how the band formed, and about how they got on Kill Rock Stars.  Quite a bit of cool stuff.

And on an additional note of Thao goodness, had fans submit questions via Twitter for Thao & Mirah.  Here are the answers.

July 20, 2011

EMA Plays A Jag!

The evidence is mounting that all the cool kids play off-set body guitars.  I was surfing on over at EMA’s blog today.  Not only does she use wordpress, but she also plays a Jaguar and a Mustang.

And I found this Paste Magazine post courtesy of Feminist Music Geek’s Twitter Feed.  It’s a video of EMA and Zola Jesus covering Crimson and Clover.  Super fun.

July 5, 2011

NPR Tiny Desk Concert With Lower Dens

Ah, youtube, what would I do without you?  Or you, NPR?

Anyway, here’s a lovely Tiny Desk Concert featuring our next interviewee, Jana Hunter, playing with her band Lower Dens.  They don’t play “A Dog’s Dick,” but they do play the equally dirty-sounding “Two Cocks…” as well as the beautiful “I Get Nervous,” another song that makes it into my personal playlists more than is probably healthy.


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