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January 15, 2012

Today Is The Final Day For Weblog Award Nominations

If you haven’t nominated your favorite blogs yet for the 12th Annual Weblog Awards, today is your last chance.  Nominations close at 10pm Eastern.  I’ve got a post here with some suggestions.  And please feel free to comment below if you have your own suggestions.

Thanks to those of you that have already nominated Guitareste.  Every little bit of publicity helps toward my ultimate goal of world domination.



January 4, 2012

Please Consider Nominating Me For A Bloggie

It’s 2012, and that means it’s Bloggie nomination time. Please consider nominating Guitareste for an award. I think the one that probably makes the most sense is “Best New Blog.” The Bloggies are a great opportunity for recognition and new readers, so a nomination or two would be a great way to start off the second year of Guitareste.

As for other suggestions, I’m going to be nominating Feminist Music Geek for Music, New Dress A Day for the fashion category, and Hyperbole and a Half for Comedy.  If you haven’t seen those, check them out too.

Thank you!

May 28, 2011

Two Great Music Blogs

This week I stumbled upon two really nice music-related blogs.

The first is Your Band, and it was a finalist for the 2011 Bloggies, getting beat out in the music category by the indie music-reviewing Goliath I especially like the features section of the site, where they cover such topics as “Your Next Recording Session:  How To” and “Bands Worst Gigs: Gigs Suck Sometimes.”  The writing style is clear and conversational, and the information they lay down is really good.

The second is Feminist Music Geek.  This blog is more personal in nature, mixing personal stories with feminist critique.  With posts like “Why I didn’t Like [the movie] Palindromes” and “Why I wish I was at Our Concert Could Be Your Life,” it’s a fun read with a lot of poignant cultural criticism.  Think a smaller scale, more indie-focused Bitch Magazine.

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