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February 20, 2011

Amy Klein On Music Magazines And Images Of Women In Rock

This may be old news for some of you, but I’m talking about it now because this is a fairly new blog and the topic is incredibly relevant to its content.  Last fall guitarist and violinist Amy Klein of Titus Andronicus and Hilly Eye posted on her own blog about music magazines like Rolling Stone and their treatment of women.

From Amy’s blog:

When I was fourteen years old, my friends and I discovered women’s magazines. Fascinated, we poured over the images of slightly older teenage girls doing what teenage girls are supposed to like to do—shopping, dating, dieting, dating, and shopping. Reading the magazines always brought on a kind of nausea, an awful sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach that made me feel like I was sitting on an airplane and powerless to stop it from dropping out of the sky. For some reason, the feeling was addictive, and I always came back for more: All the candy-colored costumes, that shiny lip gloss, that bright future that the magazines promised us within their pages, and time after time failed to provide. I was pretty much in an abusive relationship with magazines. And why? I guess I was optimistic. I was looking for some kind of validation, as all teenagers are, when they are growing up. I was looking and looking for a picture of a woman who looked like me, a slightly older teen who I could identify with, a person I could see myself becoming when I grew up.

Did I find that person in a magazine? Of course not! What I found was hundreds and hundreds of denials of my self, and hundreds of disappointing statements about what women are supposed to be—statements which I immediately internalized, and which my brain chemically converted into ten years of serious anxiety and depression. In all those years, did it ever occur to me to open a copy of Rolling Stone?

I’m new to discovering Amy and her post was a joy to read.  And her music is a joy to listen to.  You can read her blog here, and she includes links to access all of her music, including her solo album, and Hilly Eye.  The Hilly Eye album is available for donation at Band Camp.

February 16, 2011

PJ Harvey Interviewed Today On Fresh Air


Singer-songwriter PJ Harvey just released her eighth album, Let England Shake, a mournful elegy about war and the political landscape in her native England.

The album’s topics are brutal and bitter. Soldiers, landscapes and limbs are yanked apart, “falling like lumps of meat / blown and shot out beyond belief / arms and legs in the trees.” In “All and Everyone,” death permeates everything — the air, the sounds “coming off the mounds,” even “the laughter and drinking water.”


Interview available on NPR’s website.


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