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June 3, 2011

I Wanna Riot: Slutwalk Chicago And Who Took The Bomp

It’s a good week for grrls. Slutwalk Chicago organizer Jessica Skolnik talks Riot Grrl parallels with Timeout Chicago and the Le Tigre tour documentary Who Took The Bomp releases on DVD.

Update 6:36 CT:  And via @AmyAndronicus —

This link to The New York Times talking Riot Grrl.  The slideshow is excellent.  (Although who ever did the photo captions didn’t note that the woman Joan Jett is talking to is Kaia Wilson.)

March 3, 2011

Le Tigre Documentary and Pitchfork Rumors

A Le Tigre tour documentary is premiering at SXSW on April 4th, and rumor has it Superchunk will headline Pitchfork. It’s looking like it will be an exciting Spring and Summer on the music front. I just keep waiting for that Wild Flag record.

**Update 3/4/11: Pitchfork tix went on sale, and as of today, Superchunk is not on the list of scheduled acts.

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