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July 13, 2011

Pitchfork Is This Weekend. Are You Going?

Ok, I have a confession.  I quit going to Pitchfork two years ago when the price went to $40 a day.  It’s always blisteringly hot that weekend, and I just think that $120 dollars is too much to pay for a weekend of music.  But I am old and curmudgeonly.  So the fact that it will be 95 degrees with 75% humidity in Chicago all day on Saturday and Sunday shouldn’t keep you from going to Pitchfork.  You are young, beautiful, and well-hydrated, right?  Your feet don’t hurt after twenty minutes of standing in one place.  Or at the very least, you are still cool enough that you can pretend that your feet don’t hurt.  That means you should definitely go see EMA, Neko Case, tUnE-yArDs, and Superchunk.  And then send me the pictures.  Because I’m going to stay in my apartment, pet my dog, eat popsicles, and watch rock documentaries on bio.

June 17, 2011

Barrymore Directs Best Coast / Patti Smith On Law & Order

Bethany Cosentino from Best Coast at the Arches, Glasgow

photo by TheArches
Pitchfork was just full of the lady news today.  They posted the Wild Flag announcement with tour dates, plus they had these two gems.  Apparently, Drew Barrymore is directing a video for Best Coast and Patti Smith is going to be on the TV!  

[Damn you, Pitchfork, for scooping me — you with your fancy things like a “budget” and a “staff.”]

May 28, 2011

Two Great Music Blogs

This week I stumbled upon two really nice music-related blogs.

The first is Your Band, and it was a finalist for the 2011 Bloggies, getting beat out in the music category by the indie music-reviewing Goliath I especially like the features section of the site, where they cover such topics as “Your Next Recording Session:  How To” and “Bands Worst Gigs: Gigs Suck Sometimes.”  The writing style is clear and conversational, and the information they lay down is really good.

The second is Feminist Music Geek.  This blog is more personal in nature, mixing personal stories with feminist critique.  With posts like “Why I didn’t Like [the movie] Palindromes” and “Why I wish I was at Our Concert Could Be Your Life,” it’s a fun read with a lot of poignant cultural criticism.  Think a smaller scale, more indie-focused Bitch Magazine.

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