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February 5, 2012

The Julie Ruin Performing Cookie Road At The Knitting Factory

January 12, 2012

Marissa Paternoster Videos – Screaming Females and Noun

November 6, 2011

I Haven’t Forgotten You. Here’s a St. Vincent Video.

In the upcoming weeks, I’ll be posting more interviews, along with some tips as well as a software review.  But not this morning!  I need to write fiction today, my loves.

But I don’t want to leave you hanging.  This St. Vincent video has been out for about two months, but perhaps you missed it.  I only saw it last week.

It is super creepy…

October 6, 2011

Videos: Exene Cervenka Love & Haight And X Nausea


September 3, 2011

Misstallica – Blackened Video

June 10, 2011

Name-Drop Video! Tara Jane O’Neil

Tara Jane O'Neil

photo via flickr by sprungli

I said a few weeks ago, I would start posting links to videos by women mentioned in the interviews.  It’s taken me awhile to get to this second one, but here it is.

This one is from the Thalia Zedek interview.  In it, she mentions Tara Jane O’Neil as an inspiration.  Enjoy!

June 1, 2011

What Are You Listening To Now That The Warm Weather’s Here?

I’ve got some new interviews coming up pronto.  But in the meantime… I’ve been listening to Joan Armatrading, Lower Dens, and Mirah and Thao.  And I’ve been learning some covers of Pretenders and Sleater-Kinney.  I’ve also been thinking of buying an Ovation just like the one Joan Armatrading is playing in this video below…  Hm…

Joan Armatrading

Thao and Mirah

February 24, 2011

Thalia Zedek

Thalia Zedek performs 1926



And an old video for Come’s Cimarron.



And a link to a short clip of my favorite song from the album Been Here and Gone:  Back to School

February 2, 2011

Talk Normal Video for “In a Strangeland”

See Sarah Register is action.

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